Vehicle Inspections

We are often asked to carry out vehicle inspections, normally pre-purchase inspections for someone unfamiliar with the model they are buying, or simply someone wanting a second opinion, or as part of an assessment for insurance reasons.

We will travel to the car’s location (with or without you present) and carry out a thorough assessment of the vehicle, checking items for condition and originality and provide a thorough 200+ point inspection report on the vehicle, including interior and exterior condition, a mechanical report and, if possible, test driving impressions.

The cost of the report varies as an element of the cost is that of travel distance and time, but the report can usually be used to negotiate a lower purchase price, or could avoid an otherwise costly mistake.

If the car can be brought to our premises for examination, then the cost payable to us is significantly reduced.   We also have the advantage of several people with their own individual expertise being able to look at the car, and we are sure that all the facilities required are present.

We are able to travel overseas if required.