Arguably the first purpose built rally car, the Stratos won the World Rally Championship in 1974, 75 and 76. Powered by the 246 Dino engine (Ferrari), the road car was also a very exciting road car, now prized by collectors.

Campagnolo Wheel Stickers

We have remade the gold foil Campagnolo wheel stickers used on Stratos and other Campagnolo wheels of the period. We can also supply the plain CAMPAGNOLO wheel stickers, these using the simplified capitalised lettering, these often seen on Ferrari wheels.  

Stratos Gp.IV inlet manifolds

We have remade the Group 4 Stratos 24v inlet manifold to accept Weber 44 IDF carburettors. These have been cast in an aluminium alloy and are then machined to ensure mounting faces are flat and to drill / tap mounting points.