Stickers & Decals

We stock a large selection of Lancia stickers and patches. Here are a few of the more popular ones…

Lancia Shields

Lancia Shield sticker 65mm (sticker17)
130mm (sticker46)
other sizes availableBlue on white sticker – the design introduced during Beta production and kept until 2007.

Lancia Shield sticker 
65mm (sticker16)
130mm (sticker15)
255mm (sticker14)Blue on ivory with gold detailing – the older style of Lancia shield and used until the late 1970’s

Lancia cloth patch  (cloth-7)

Lambda shield sticker (sticker48)

HF Decals

Racing Elephant sticker small 150 x 70mm (sticker1)
large 205 x 110mm (sticker35)cloth patch small (cloth-2)
cloth patch large cloth-1)

HF Evolution sticker55mm x 34mm (sticker38)
125mm x 75mm (sticker36)
225mm x 140mm (sticker42)
HF Evolution patch small (cloth-4)
HF Evolution patch large (cloth-3)

HF sticker (cut-out letters)125mm x 70mm (sticker20)
218mm x 130mm (sticker8)Used by Lancia rally team on later Fulvias, Beta and Stratos.

HF Squadra Corse Sticker155mm x 125mm (sticker10)
185mm x 150mm (sticker11)
HF Squadra Corse Patch (cloth-5)
blue & yellow HF sticker (sticker4)as seen on Fulvia 1.3HF

Other Stickers

Italian Flag sticker 80mm x 50mm (sticker47)
120mm x 75mm (sticker7)
145mm x 100mm (sticker6)
245mm x 165mm (sticker5)
Italian Flag with HF above 120mm x 100mm (sticker13)

Chequered & Lancia crossed flags sticker(sticker39)
Italian ‘I’ flag
WORLD RALLY CHAMPION 87-92 window stickercelebrating Lancias 6th consequtive championship with the Delta…Applied to the inside of a window(sticker 56)

Lancia Fulvia limited edition decals

Lancia produced two special edition versions of the Fulvia Coupe to celebrate success on the Montecarlo and Safari rallies.    Both cars wore special stickers on the bonnet and bootlid, and we have had faithful reproductions made.

Montecarlo sticker (sticker19)as fitted to bonnet and boot of the Montecarlo limted edition Fulvia

Safari sticker (sticker18)As fitted to the Safari limited edition Fulvia

Martini Stickers

The spirits firm Martini and their blue and red stripes will be forever linked with Lancia, thanks to their sponsorship of racing and rally cars.   Martini first sponsored Lancia with the Montecarlo Turbo and the 037 rally car, but kept their association going with the LC1 and LC2 endurance cars, and the Delta rally programme.

Martini Racing sticker120 x 55mm (sticker40)
375 x 162mm
500 x 216mm
other sizes on request

Martini racing sticker (sticker25)
Martini Sportline ‘belt’ decal various sizes
colours and proportions as per sticker25 (above)
Martini Striping 70mm wide (sticker57)
97mm wide (sticker58)
147mm wide (sticker59)
290mm wide
supplied per metre, uncut
LANCIA MARTINI decalvarious sizes
MARTINI RACING decal various sizes

Lancia Delta body decal kits



We have replica Martini Stripe kits for the Martini 5 limited edtion and the Martini 6 (pictured) limited edition Deltas. We also have WORLD RALLY CHAMPION decals for both sides, the front bumper and the MARTINI RACING banner on both sides of the rear spoiler. These can be supplied in either black (original) or white which may be appropriate for cars in darker colours.

Available for any car, not just an Integrale

Yellow with centre blue stripe traditional HF colours

Can be fitted onto Integrales with a fuel filler flap. Bonnet stripes optional if not to your taste..

We also have the earlier version which had a more discreet rear door and C-pillar sections and no bonnet stripes.

OTHER KITS: Coachlines for the Pearl White edition and the Lagos Blue version…

Sponsorship Logos

We can supply a large range of the sponsorship logos that were used on Lancia competition cars A fraction of the range is illustrated below. Some available in a variety of sizes