Older Cars

We have a surprising amount of parts for Aprilia, Appia and older Lancias.    Please contact us with your requirements. ---

RM Sotherby’s Auction: Battersea London 2016

RM Sotheby’s sold this Aurelia at their London sale at the start of September 2016, achieving a hammer price of £ 155,000 which after buyers premium works out at £ 173,600. The car was imported into the UK in the 1990’s after spending time in the San Diego Motor Museum.   It was reputed to ... Read More

Two Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider’s on site at once

Lancia records suggest that only 59 RHD examples were made in 1954.   Sixty years later, we were pleased to have two examples in our workshops at the same time. The red car is here for some work to make it easier to drive by someone with reduced strength and movement.     We fitted ... Read More

Wooden gear lever knob

One of the Aurelias we look after has has a nice Nardi steering wheel fitted.   More recently the original gear lever knob came apart and the owner was keen to have a replacement, but also one which matched the steering wheel. Therefore we were able to have a wooden knob made in a similar ... Read More

Aurelia radio blanking panels

We have remade both the early square and later rectangular types of radio blanking panels for Aurelia.      We have also had the ‘wings’ badge remade. Rectangular version illustrated.  They are supplied in primer and will require painting.   These are usually painted dashboard colour, which is normally body colour. The badge is sold ... Read More

Appia Air Filter

We have the small cylindrical air filter used on Appias.

Oil Filter conversion

If you consider the paper cartridge type of oil filter that is used on the Aurelia and Flaminia to be messy, and yearn for a modern canister type of filter, then we are pleased to offer a spin-on canister type filter conversion kit which is available for both Aurelia and Flaminia engines. This requires no ... Read More

Aurelia alternator conversion

The charging system on an Aurelia can be marginal, especially at night when its raining.   We offer an alternator conversion which mounts in the same place as the original dynamo, and retains the eccentric tensioning system. There are other alternator conversions out there, including some which are disguised to look like a dynamo, but ... Read More

Appia GTE rear screen

We recently restored an Appia Sport GTE, first series with the double-bubble roof.   As part of the job we needed to make a new rear window, the one in the car was plexiglas and someone had cut slots in it for ventilation.     The screen was a good fit, so this was used ... Read More

Appia Vignale windscreens

We now have tooling to make Appia Convertible by Vignale front windscreens.  The tooling was commissioned by an Appia Vignale owner who no longer has his car, and has transferred the tooling rights to Omicron An original Lancia windscreen was used to make the tooling, and replacement screens are made to the correct thickness and ... Read More

Aprilia Spark Plug connectors

Original spark plug connectors are very hard to find.    We have seen many DIY solutions over the years, some which worked and some which didn’t, but all looked a bit home made.     We designed our version to retain a period look when fitted, but made using modern low-volume production methods. The connector ... Read More

Wheel Nuts

We have remade wheel nuts for various models of Lancia which employ a wheel stud and nut fixing rather than the later wheel bolt system. The nuts are available in both open and closed end forms, depending on whether the nut is hidden behind a hub cap or exposed.    They have the correct wide ... Read More

Aurelia windscreen wiper motor gears

Original Aurelia windscreen wiper motor gears are not durable and the teeth can wear, leaving the wipers stationary in a dead zone on the screen.   We have remade gears from a more durable material and supply as a pair, one quadrant gear and one round gear.

Aurelia water distribution tubes

These water distribution tubes are often in poor condition or have corroded away entirely.   These tubes have been remade by Omicron and we can supply with the larger core plug.    The smaller core plug is often in good condition and does not usually need to be replaced.