The Montecarlo only became a Lancia towards the end of development, it was originally going to be the FIAT X1/20.    The car, built by Pininfarina, also formed the basis for the successful 037 Rallye Group B rally car and the Group 5 Montecarlo Turbo 'Silhouette' circuit racer.

037 steering damper

We are now able to offer replacement steering dampers for the Lancia 037 Rally, Lancia part number 7023770   There is an eyelet at one and and a threaded stem at the other.

037 ball joints

After a bit of research we are pleased to be able to offer bottom ball joints for the front suspension of the Lancia 037 Stradale, Lancia part number 7029835.

Montecarlo Sports Exhaust system

Since the early 1980’s the CSC Primaflow sports exhaust has been a popular upgrade over the standard Montecarlo.   Replacing the standard cast iron exhaust manifold and link pipe with a 4-2-1 tubular steel system the CSC manifold and matching silencer helped improve the performance of hundreds of cars worldwide. CSC still exist and still make ... Read More

Montecarlo electronic ignition

Omicron Engineering can now supply replacement distributors with an integrated electronic ignition system fitted.    These suit all Fiat / Lancia twin cam engines which have their distributors fitted on the camshaft housing and are driven by a skew gear on the distributor. This includes the Montecarlo and US Scorpion, a large number of Fiats using ... Read More

Montecarlo Air Filter

For the standard air filter & carburettor set up. Closed at one end. Note: Many cars have been modified and use alternative carbs and air cleaner assembly.

037 Evoluzione style rear mesh

We have a source of aluminium sheeting with pre-cut rounded slots that is very similar to that used by Lancia on the Evoluzione versions of the 037. We can supply this mesh, together with the same rear light units used on the Evo 037 which can be applied to a Montecarlo. The mesh will require ... Read More

037 World Rally Champion 1983 sticker

The Lancia 037 Rallye won the world rally championship in 1983, and to celebrate Lancia dealers produced a window sticker which was fitted to new cars sold shortly afterwards. This sticker is appropriate to cars produced in the early 1980’s, so is suitable for the Montecarlo, the Beta, and early Delta and Prismas (as well ... Read More

Electronic Ignition

For quite a number of years we were unconvinced of the values of aftermarket electronic ignition systems.   They were fairly expensive, yet surprisingly unreliable, but the technology has matured over the past 20 years and it is now time to look again at the various options.   The newer systems are reliable, and the old ... Read More

Weber DCNF downdraught inlet manifold

We can supply an inlet manifold to suit Lancia Beta and Lancia Beta Montecarlo.   This UK made manifold accepts the Weber DCNF downdraught carburettor (or throttle bodies with integral fuel injector mounting) DCNF’s were most commonly made in 40mm size, but 38mm, 42mm and 44mm amongst other sizes were made in period.