The Fulvia was a hugely important model for Lancia. It sold in higher numbers than any previous model of Lancia, and was also a very successful as a competition car. The engines were advanced compared to those offered by rival small cars, with twin carburettors and a tubular manifold fitted as standard equipment, leading to a car that offered class defining performance, ride and comfort - although this was reflected in the original purchase price.
The posts below are not representative of the full range of Fulvia parts that we do, they are just posted in order.  

Fulvia idler box bushes

Early Fulvia idler boxes used bronze bushing which hardly ever gives any trouble, but the later versions used a plastic bush and these do exhibit wear which could result in a Fulvia failing a MoT or similar roadworthiness test. We have produced upper and lower top hat bushes and provide these as a kit with ... Read More

Solex carb rebuild kits

We hold service kits for the various Solex carburettors commonly fitted to Fulvias. Solex C42 DDHF for 1600 engines Solex C35 PHH for most 1300 engines, both the early and late designs. Solex C32 PHH for most 1200 engines and some 1300s The kits contain all gaskets and seals, accelerator pump diaphragm and needle valves. ... Read More

Fulvia & Flavia front spring mount

Between the front leaf spring and the top wishbone is a rubber block with metal mounting plates at each end.   These are often in poor condition and we stock these reproduction version.      Fitting it not totally straightforward requiring use of a secure method of taking the load off the spring and to ... Read More

Fulvia Carburettor drip tray

Fulvias should have a drip tray underneath the carburettor to prevent any fuel leakages from the carburettor from landing on the electrical components underneath – the generator and the starter motor.     We have seen engine fires on Fulvias and those cars had the drip tray missing, and the lack of drip tray could ... Read More

Fulvia radiator bottom mounting bracket

We often have Fulvia radiators reconditioned.  This is usually a fairly simple process, but sometimes the lower mounting bracket is too heavily rusted to repair neatly. To solve this problem we have made reproduction radiator mounting brackets, which can be attached to your radiator during the reconditioning process.

Fulvia / Flavia battery tray

Several cars in our workshops have required repairs to the battery tray due to corossion or acid spillage / leakage.    Sometimes its possible to repair the existing one, but sometimes we have had to replace the tray entirely.   This is what we have made to replace a heavily corroded battery tray.

Fulvia Sump Guard

We have made an aluminium sump guard for those cars being used in some rally conditions. It contains cutouts for access to the sump drain plug and ventilation slots to permit airflow over the engine outer surfaces.    The attached image is a screen shot from our 3D CAD design studio. We can provide similar ... Read More

Fulvia Pistons

We can supply pistons for Fulvias for all engine capacities and both low and higher compression versions.     The image attached to this post shows our forged 1600 pistons which come complete with piston rings, gudgeon pins and circlips and shows one a standard compression piston with a higher compression option. We have various ... Read More

Wheel Bolts

We have had wheel bolts re-manufactured for Fulvia Series 2 and later, and they are also suitable for later Flavias and 2000’s.   Early cars used studs and nuts. These are made for us and chrome plated to the same technical standards that Mercedes Benz and Toyota insist upon.   They have the correct wide ... Read More

Electronic Ignition

For quite a number of years we were unconvinced of the values of aftermarket electronic ignition systems.   They were fairly expensive, yet surprisingly unreliable, but the technology has matured over the past 20 years and it is now time to look again at the various options.   The newer systems are reliable, and the old ... Read More

Fulvia Series 2/3 instrument glasses

Series 2/3 Fulvias either had an all in one instrument cluster, or separate speedometer and rev counter.    The dials on these later cars were made from plastic, and over the years the surface finish has deterioated, either due to scratches whilst cleaning, or due to the effects of UV light. We have remade both ... Read More

Fulvia competition camshafts

We have a number of cam profiles available to us, but after quite a lot of experimentation, we usually tend to use a rally profile for all competition Fulvia engines. Whilst it may not offer the ultimate top end power of a full race camshafts, the superior tractability at low and mid range rpm that ... Read More

Fulvia competition exhaust system

As well as a competition inlet manifold, we also have an uprated exhaust system.    This has been closely modelled on one of Lancias factory rally exhausts, we have found this to be an ideal upgrade for all fast road or competition Fulvias. It is designed to be fitted as a complete exhaust system and ... Read More

Fulvia competition inlet manifolds

We have made reproductions of the original Lancia Fulvia Group 4 rally inlet manifolds, but fitted with a flange that accepts the common Weber DCOE or Dell’Orto DHLA carburettor.     Unlike some kits on the market, our manifold replaces the restrictive standard manifold and bolts directly to the cylinder head, which is not only ... Read More