The Fulvia was a hugely important model for Lancia. It sold in higher numbers than any previous model of Lancia, and was also a very successful as a competition car. The engines were advanced compared to those offered by rival small cars, with twin carburettors and a tubular manifold fitted as standard equipment, leading to a car that offered class defining performance, ride and comfort - although this was reflected in the original purchase price.
The posts below are not representative of the full range of Fulvia parts that we do, they are just posted in order.  

Fulvia Coupe reproduction rear panels

The Fulvia Coupe reproduction rear panels are available.  These have the the correct recesses for the rear lamps, and the small boss for the boot lock button.   These are also slightly concave as per the original panels.  

Fulvia Series 2 + 3 UK headlamp panel

Series 2 Fulvias sold to the UK market had their outer headlamps raised slightly to meet UK construction and use legislation. We have remade these headlamp panels for cars which are either corroded or have been involved in a front end accident.  

Fulvia Series 2 + 3 European headlamp panel

We were recently asked to supply European specification headlamp panels for a car being restored. We had an original panel in stock, but this was not for sale, but it did mean we had something to copy, and were pleased to make a pair for the customer and add a new product to our range ... Read More

Uprated Fulvia Series 2/3 alternator

For most people the standard alternator produces more than sufficient output, but for those using the car for rallying, especially on night stages may wish to run auxiliary high-wattage spot lamps, and to maintain good battery voltage will require a higher capacity alternator. We can provide a modern alternator, with a choice of either 65 ... Read More

Fulvia Coupe rear lamps and lenses

We can offer replacement rear lamp units for all versions of the Fulvia Coupe, or if your light backs are in good condition, we can supply lenses on their own. These have the European colouring with a yellow indicator lens, red brake lens and a clear reversing lamp lens. We have also remade the metal ... Read More

Girling brake hoses

We have brake hoses for the Girling disc brake system used on Series 2 and later Fulvias and 2000s.    These cars had five hoses, 1 at the rear between the body of the car and the rear axle, and four at the front of two slightly different lengths.  The front hoses should have square ... Read More

Dunlop brake hoses

We have brake hoses for cars which use the early Dunlop disc brake system of separate wheel cylinders.   These are available in rubber, but we also offer stainless steel braided versions for competition use. We have these for Fulvia Series 1, Flavia and Flaminias. We also have hoses suitable for the later Girling disc ... Read More

Fulvia Coupe eyebrow repair panel

Series 2 Fulvia Coupes which came to the UK were given raised outer headlamps, as without them the car did not meet recently introduced standards concerning headlamp height.      UK cars were given these eyebrows, which some people like, and some people dislike. Headlamp trims and the front body ‘hockey stick’ seam trims were ... Read More


We have all versions of inlet and exhaust valves for Fulvia including:- Series 1 1.2, Series 1 1.3 (818.302) & Series 2 Berlina Series 1 1.3S (818.303) and Series 2/3 Coupe / Sport 1600 (818.540) inlet and exhaust valves, both Series 1 and Series 2 Coupe and Sport. We have many valves made in the ... Read More

Overhauled Oil Seperator Canisters

The Fulvia oil filler also serves as an oil separator and contains a metal mesh filter.    Oil vapour passes through this mesh, the oil condenses on the mesh and drains back to the sump, whilst air is carried over to the air filter housing and these fumes are burnt off.   The mesh inside the ... Read More

Fulvia air cleaner breather elbow grommet

There is a hose between the oil separator and the air filter housing which is secured in the air filter housing by this right angled elbow grommet. Original ones tend to perish or have hardened and split.    These reproduction items are available and is a direct replacement for the original elbow.    

Subframe Repair Sections

The Fulvia engine and gearbox, as well as front brakes, front suspension and steering are all mounted on the front subframe.    The subframe is mounted to the body of the car in six places, two at the front, two in the middle and two at the back behind the front wheels.   These rear ... Read More

Carburettor Mounts

Fulvias use a flexible rubber mount between the carburettor and inlet manifold.    These are unique to Fulvias and are expensive to reproduce, but premature failure can be avoided by making sure the carburettors are properly mounted.    The main cause of premature failure is due to a missing support strap that goes from the ... Read More

Wheel Nuts

We have remade wheel nuts for various models of Lancia which employ a wheel stud and nut fixing rather than the later wheel bolt system. The nuts are available in both open and closed end forms, depending on whether the nut is hidden behind a hub cap or exposed.    They have the correct wide ... Read More