The Beta was the first Lancia introduced under Fiat's ownership and as such represented quite a change from the Fulvia and 2000 that preceded it.    There is a huge influx of FIAT DNA into Lancia at this point.

Beta Air Filters

We have both the oval (illustrated) air filter used on most carburettor cars, or the rectangular type used on the Volumex supercharged variant and also the fuel injected models.

037 World Rally Champion 1983 sticker

The Lancia 037 Rallye won the world rally championship in 1983, and to celebrate Lancia dealers produced a window sticker which was fitted to new cars sold shortly afterwards. This sticker is appropriate to cars produced in the early 1980’s, so is suitable for the Montecarlo, the Beta, and early Delta and Prismas (as well ... Read More

Weber DCNF downdraught inlet manifold

We can supply an inlet manifold to suit Lancia Beta and Lancia Beta Montecarlo.   This UK made manifold accepts the Weber DCNF downdraught carburettor (or throttle bodies with integral fuel injector mounting) DCNF’s were most commonly made in 40mm size, but 38mm, 42mm and 44mm amongst other sizes were made in period.