Spark Plugs

We stock spark plugs for all the regular Lancia models we specialise in, but we also have a selection of obscure / less common spark plugs which are listed below.    Maybe these will help someone out, or help complete an incomplete set.

NGK A8F x2 (x/ref Champion F82)
NGK DCPR9E x4 (box labelled Maserati Ghibli GT 2.0 2.8?)
NGK D10ES x1
NGK C7HSA x5 (box labelled AC or Aston DB3S or 2/4)
NGK BP6HS x8 (Citroen CX / Renault 5 / Triumph Spitfire)
NGK BPR8ES x8 (Aston Martin V8 1987-89 inc. Vantage & Volante)
NGK BP8ES x4 (Maserati 430?)
NGK B9HS x39 (Skoda 130 RS?)

Champion G59R x3 (cross references to Ferrari F40)
Champion G61 x2 (cross references to G59R above)
Champion N6Y x4
Champion N5 x3
Champion C6YCC x3
Champion L88A x1
Champion RN3C x1
Champion J11Y x1

Bosch HR10BCX x8 (Ford Mustang / Chevrolet Camaro?)

Golden Lodge 25HL x1 (x/ref NGK BPR7ES / BPR8ES)
Golden Lodge 2HL x1 (Alfa Romeo)

Fiat 9GYSR x3 (x/ref Marelli L7LCR / Champion RC7YC)
Fiat 7FYSSR 5894585 x4
Fiat V45LSR x8
Fiat 7686643 (Bosch WR6DTC) x5
Fiat V4LSR x48 (Lancia Y10 1050,1050 Turbo, A112, Delta 1300)
Fiat 1L45J x1
Fiat 1L45JR x38
Fiat 1L4J x5 (Marelli F7LCR)
Fiat 7FYS x4
Fiat 7FYSR x14
Fiat / Champion RN7YC 7554436