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2014-02 Lancia Motor Club diary

Our propshaft balancing machine has been working overtime recently. We have just done an Aurelia B24 Convertible, a B20 and we are now on the third Flaminia., this one a Flaminia Touring GTL. More importantly Julian and Tristan are getting increasingly familiar with the procedure.

The Morris 8 was delivered back to the owners sisters house in London, where it will share a garage with her Morris Minor and will be more convenient for the owner to use when he flies back from Hong Kong.

The bodywork of the Mustang has been painted following fairly extensive surgery to the rear end, but also correcting various other faults around the car.

The Flavia 1800 Sport has been collected by its owner, who hopes to use it on the race track this season, and another Flavia has taken its place, a lovely example of a Pininfarina Coupe.

The Aurelia B20 restoration continues, work on the engine and gearbox continues, and the front and rear suspension is being fitted to the car along with brake reservoirs and pipework. The owner makes frequent visits to Norfolk due to his work, so regularly visits to see how things are going.

The Fulvia 1600 bodywork repairs have been finished, after quite a lot of problems matching the paint, as the paint supplied by the previous owners did not match the colour that the car had been painted with.

A Flaminia GT has arrived for various jobs. It has recently been imported from The Netherlands, and is awaiting its UK registration. It joins the ivory Touring GT and the Ivory PF Coupe, blue Sport and silver Touring GTL (Flaminia overload here!)

Someone complained that there wasn’t any farmyard news in last months article, so here is a longer piece than normal. The first Highland Steer has been taken to slaughter and is currently hanging awaiting butchery. Lambing is due to start in March, but this year is likely to be a drawn out affair as the ram wasn’t as busy as he should have been. Elizabeth has some new chickens, to replace some which had died of old age, and now has some more Light Sussex and Orpington hens, plus an additional Orpington cockerel, which will need to be kept separate from the existing cock, otherwise they will fight each other. Treacle the foal is now quite tame, whereas the slightly older foal Toffee is still very nervous, but is getting slightly better day by day.