Lancia Competition Parts

The following gives a brief insight into the range of competition parts we offer.    We can help with all aspects of competition preparation and our parts range from inlet and exhaust manifolds, to high compression pistons, different valves, camshaft profiles, stronger clutches, close ratio gear-sets, wheels, different springs and dampers, brake components, uprated electrics, and stickers to sump guards and everything in between, for cars being built for fast road, rally, sprint/hillclimb or circuit racing use.     Contact us with your requirements...

Fulvia Campagnolo replica wheels

We can obtain replica Campagnolo alloy wheels suitable for Fulvias.    Campagnolo wheels were supplied to the first batch of 1600HF’s along with other parts for rally homologation purposes. Once the wheel had been homologated, Lancia switched to Cromodora for the supply of the wheels for the road cars, but continued with Campagnolo for the ... Read More

Fulvia HF wishbones

The 1600HF had different upper and lower wishbones which gave the car slightly different suspension geometry, including negative camber.    Lancia made these changes to the 1600HF as they needed to homologate the car for rallying. We have built jigs to convert tubular type wishbones to HF specification, and offer a conversion service to your ... Read More

Uprated Fulvia Series 2/3 alternator

For most people the standard alternator produces more than sufficient output, but for those using the car for rallying, especially on night stages may wish to run auxiliary high-wattage spot lamps, and to maintain good battery voltage will require a higher capacity alternator. We can provide a modern alternator, with a choice of either 65 ... Read More

Stratos Gp.IV inlet manifolds

We have remade the Group 4 Stratos 24v inlet manifold to accept Weber 44 IDF carburettors. These have been cast in an aluminium alloy and are then machined to ensure mounting faces are flat and to drill / tap mounting points.

Fulvia Sump Guard

We have made an aluminium sump guard for those cars being used in some rally conditions. It contains cutouts for access to the sump drain plug and ventilation slots to permit airflow over the engine outer surfaces.    The attached image is a screen shot from our 3D CAD design studio. We can provide similar ... Read More

Fulvia competition camshafts

We have a number of cam profiles available to us, but after quite a lot of experimentation, we usually tend to use a rally profile for all competition Fulvia engines. Whilst it may not offer the ultimate top end power of a full race camshafts, the superior tractability at low and mid range rpm that ... Read More