Montecarlo electronic ignition

montecarlo_electronic_ignitionOmicron Engineering can now supply replacement distributors with an integrated electronic ignition system fitted.    These suit all Fiat / Lancia twin cam engines which have their distributors fitted on the camshaft housing and are driven by a skew gear on the distributor.

This includes the Montecarlo and US Scorpion, a large number of Fiats using the twin cam engine, and a number of Lancia Betas, often those fitted with air conditioning.     This distributor is suitable for all of those. .

The version pictured can be programmed with a laptop using free to download software and a standard USB  to mini USB cable. We can pre-program if necessary with a curve that we think will be suitable.     This distributor can have two curves programmed and can switch between them with an optional toggle switch.

Simply remove the gear from your current distributor, fit to the new one and fit to the car following the instructions provided.

We can also obtain a slightly cheaper version which is not programmable, but has the advance curves programmed in on a selector switch and you just turn the switch to the curve corresponding to your car.

One of the advantages of this system is that the distributor is brand new, and has no wear or play in it.

Note: this distributor is not for Betas which have the distributor mounted on the engine block, nor the Volumex which has a distributor on the end of the camshaft.