Fulvia crankshaft oiler nozzle

DSCN8397This part is often one of the more common causes for low oil pressure on Fulvia engines.

This nozzle squirts oil onto the crankshaft gears.   It is tapered internally and everyone who can still remember their school physics lessons will recall that pressure and area are intrinsically linked together.     The nozzle is fairly weak, and if it breaks, the area of the nozzles hole can easily double or triple (or more) in size, with a corresponding reduction in oil pressure.

This part doesn’t really exhibit wear, but suffers from being broken accidentally by the timing chain on those occasions where the chain has to be split – either to replace the chain, or to remove the cylinder head for some reason.    Failure to control both ends of the split chain can result in one end dropping down inside the engine, and that is when the nozzle gets damaged.

Not only is the oil pressure reduced, but you also have a small piece of debris in the bottom of the engine which could block something or get caught in something leading to further problems.

We have remade these nozzles so you can replace yours if broken.