Fulvia Campagnolo replica wheels

We can obtain replica Campagnolo alloy wheels suitable for Fulvias.    Campagnolo wheels were supplied to the first batch of 1600HF’s along with other parts for rally homologation purposes.

Once the wheel had been homologated, Lancia switched to Cromodora for the supply of the wheels for the road cars, but continued with Campagnolo for the racing cars.

We can supply these in two sizes, in various fitments.  These are made to order and subject to a 6 week production time.   They are made from aluminium.

The first is the traditional wheel as usually seen on the initial Series 1 1600HF, these available in 6×13″ or 5.5×13″ in a colour of your choice, usually silver or gold.

The seconds is the 4 spoke cross design which was also used in rallying, but was never standard equipment on a Fulvia.  These are available in 7×13″ or 7×14″ sizes which is an inch wider than the standard HF wheel.

Additionally the Cromodora 1600HF wheel is also available, in either 6 x 13″ or 6 x 14″ sizes.

Alternatively, we can supply Minilite style alloy wheels.

Wider wheel arches will almost certainly require the fitment of flared wheel arches or fibreglass wheel arch extensions which we can also supply.

If used for road use only think about the consequences and how it will alter the steering characteristics of the car.