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UK number plates

Since April 2016, cars built before 01-01-1976 can wear the traditional black and silver registration plate rather than the current white and yellow reflective plates providing that an application is made to the DVLA and the car is registered as a historic vehicle. Additionally vehicles constructed 40 or more years ago are exempt from vehicle excise ... Read More

Fulvia Handbrake Shoes

We have now made brand new handbrake shoes for Fulvia Series 2 / 3 and Lancia 2000’s with the Girling brake system as supplies of older units that were suitable for reconditioning were becoming harder to find. These have been laser cut for accuracy, carefully welded with the correct fixtures & fittings, before being painted ... Read More

Lancia Gift Vouchers

If you are stuck for ideas whilst trying to find a gift for the Lancisti in your life. or as a leaving present for someone, then Omicron is pleased to offer gift vouchers. We can provide them in any denomination of your choosing and we will supply a photographic certificate which can be presented to ... Read More

Fulvia crankshaft oiler nozzle

This part is often one of the more common causes for low oil pressure on Fulvia engines. This nozzle squirts oil onto the crankshaft gears.   It is tapered internally and everyone who can still remember their school physics lessons will recall that pressure and area are intrinsically linked together.     The nozzle is fairly weak, and if ... Read More

Fulvia S2 5 in 1 instrument lens

We have also remade the instrument covers for the 5 in 1 type of instrument cluster used on some Fulvias.    The markings for the minor gauges are silk-screen printed onto the lenses.   These are fuel (0 – 1/2 – 4/4), water temperature (0 – 160 – 200), and oil pressure 0 – 50 – ... Read More

Fulvia minor instrument lens

One of our customers commissioned a batch of replacement instrument lenses for the Veglia instrument fitted to his Series 3 Fulvia. Some cars have an all-in-one instrument glass which covers all 5 instruments – speedo, rev counter, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel gauge, as well as warning lights in one piece, but other cars, like ... Read More

Fulvia Zagato electric window motor

We have sourced a replacement for the electric window winder motors fitted to Zagato 1600 Sports.    These take the existing drive fitting and mount in the same way.

Fulvia air filters

We have the air filter used on most* Fulvias. * Some cars sold to dusty countries had an oil bath air cleaner and some saloons used a conical filter similar to that used on the Flavia.

Fulvia front wheel bearing retainer ring nut

We have remade the wheel bearing retaining ring nuts that are used on Fulvia, Flavia and 2000. These are usually damaged when people try to undo them without the correct 6 toothed socket (which can be rented or bought from us).   They can also corrode in place making removal difficult without heat. We have ... Read More

Fulvia Campagnolo replica wheels

We can obtain replica Campagnolo alloy wheels suitable for Fulvias.    Campagnolo wheels were supplied to the first batch of 1600HF’s along with other parts for rally homologation purposes. Once the wheel had been homologated, Lancia switched to Cromodora for the supply of the wheels for the road cars, but continued with Campagnolo for the ... Read More

Fulvia radiator reconditioning

We offer a radiator reconditioning service which maintains the original appearance of the radiator, with the benefit of a new core.   During the restoration procedure the top and bottom tanks are checked for leaks and cosmetic defects can be attended to. The picture shows a Fulvia Sport radiator which has just been finished and ... Read More

Fulvia door handles

Omicron has remade the exterior door handle used on all versions of the Fulvia Coupe and the 1200 and 1300 versions of the Zagato bodied Sport.   The original door handles were made from a mazak alloy and they have a tendency to pit and rechroming is difficult. Our replacements have been cast in a ... Read More

Fulvia Zagato headlamp covers

Fulvia Sport headlamps are now very difficult to find so we recommend fitting plexiglas headlamp covers to protect the glass from damage – it just takes a stone flicked up by the vehicle in front to smash a headlamp glass. We have made them for both Series 1 and Series 2 Sports.   They are made ... Read More

Fulvia HF wishbones

The 1600HF had different upper and lower wishbones which gave the car slightly different suspension geometry, including negative camber.    Lancia made these changes to the 1600HF as they needed to homologate the car for rallying. We have built jigs to convert tubular type wishbones to HF specification, and offer a conversion service to your ... Read More