Omicron Engineering has a wide selection of reproduction, pattern and new old stock Lancia parts available for shipment around the world. Our parts department sources parts from all over the world, but many of the parts we sell are commissioned by and made for us. Many of these parts are commissioned specially for us, ranging from windscreens to badges, brake seals and bearings as well as all mechanical parts, including engine, gearbox, steering and suspension components. Unless history and hindsight has demonstrated a problem with the original design, we try to keep to the original Lancia design as much as practically possible, although we make use of many modern low-volume manufacturing techniques and are particularly selective over materials. We ship to over 70 countries around the world, including all parts of Europe.          

Wheel Bolts

We have had wheel bolts re-manufactured for Fulvia Series 2 and later, and they are also suitable for later Flavias and 2000’s.   Early cars used studs and nuts. These are made for us and chrome plated to the same technical standards that Mercedes Benz and Toyota insist upon.   They have the correct wide ... Read More

Propshaft Balancing

Aurelias and Flaminias can suffer from excessive propeller shaft vibration which can be difficult to cure.  Lancia originally balanced the propshaft as a complete assembly, but over the past 60 or so years the paint markings have long since vanished, and the propshaft has been taken to pieces and assembled several times, often without making ... Read More

Electronic Ignition

For quite a number of years we were unconvinced of the values of aftermarket electronic ignition systems.   They were fairly expensive, yet surprisingly unreliable, but the technology has matured over the past 20 years and it is now time to look again at the various options.   The newer systems are reliable, and the old ... Read More

Fulvia Series 2/3 instrument glasses

Series 2/3 Fulvias either had an all in one instrument cluster, or separate speedometer and rev counter.    The dials on these later cars were made from plastic, and over the years the surface finish has deterioated, either due to scratches whilst cleaning, or due to the effects of UV light. We have remade both ... Read More

Weber DCNF downdraught inlet manifold

We can supply an inlet manifold to suit Lancia Beta and Lancia Beta Montecarlo.   This UK made manifold accepts the Weber DCNF downdraught carburettor (or throttle bodies with integral fuel injector mounting) DCNF’s were most commonly made in 40mm size, but 38mm, 42mm and 44mm amongst other sizes were made in period.

Fulvia competition camshafts

We have a number of cam profiles available to us, but after quite a lot of experimentation, we usually tend to use a rally profile for all competition Fulvia engines. Whilst it may not offer the ultimate top end power of a full race camshafts, the superior tractability at low and mid range rpm that ... Read More

Fulvia competition exhaust system

As well as a competition inlet manifold, we also have an uprated exhaust system.    This has been closely modelled on one of Lancias factory rally exhausts, we have found this to be an ideal upgrade for all fast road or competition Fulvias. It is designed to be fitted as a complete exhaust system and ... Read More

Fulvia competition inlet manifolds

We have made reproductions of the original Lancia Fulvia Group 4 rally inlet manifolds, but fitted with a flange that accepts the common Weber DCOE or Dell’Orto DHLA carburettor.     Unlike some kits on the market, our manifold replaces the restrictive standard manifold and bolts directly to the cylinder head, which is not only ... Read More

Special Bolts

A selection of useful bolts that everyone should have access too!

for holes that are not square for mismatched bolt holes holes too near the edge for double-drilled holes for oversize and stepped holes for holes countersunk too deep for holes countersunk on the wrong side for use where the pilot hole did not clean up for re-drilled holes that still don’t match special bolt for ... Read More