Omicron Engineering has a wide selection of reproduction, pattern and new old stock Lancia parts available for shipment around the world. Our parts department sources parts from all over the world, but many of the parts we sell are commissioned by and made for us. Many of these parts are commissioned specially for us, ranging from windscreens to badges, brake seals and bearings as well as all mechanical parts, including engine, gearbox, steering and suspension components. Unless history and hindsight has demonstrated a problem with the original design, we try to keep to the original Lancia design as much as practically possible, although we make use of many modern low-volume manufacturing techniques and are particularly selective over materials. We ship to over 70 countries around the world, including all parts of Europe.          

Montecarlo electronic ignition

Omicron Engineering can now supply replacement distributors with an integrated electronic ignition system fitted.    These suit all Fiat / Lancia twin cam engines which have their distributors fitted on the camshaft housing and are driven by a skew gear on the distributor. This includes the Montecarlo and US Scorpion, a large number of Fiats using ... Read More

Fulvia minor instrument lens

One of our customers commissioned a batch of replacement instrument lenses for the Veglia instrument fitted to his Series 3 Fulvia. Some cars have an all-in-one instrument glass which covers all 5 instruments – speedo, rev counter, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel gauge, as well as warning lights in one piece, but other cars, like ... Read More

Campagnolo Wheel Stickers

We have remade the gold foil Campagnolo wheel stickers used on Stratos and other Campagnolo wheels of the period. We can also supply the plain CAMPAGNOLO wheel stickers, these using the simplified capitalised lettering, these often seen on Ferrari wheels.  

Wooden gear lever knob

One of the Aurelias we look after has has a nice Nardi steering wheel fitted.   More recently the original gear lever knob came apart and the owner was keen to have a replacement, but also one which matched the steering wheel. Therefore we were able to have a wooden knob made in a similar ... Read More

Flaminia Rev Counter Gear

The Flaminia rev counter drive has a fibre gear in the system which over time can break up or wear.   We have reproduction ones available to repair a broken rev counter. We also have speedo and rev counter drive cables.    

Fulvia Zagato electric window motor

We have sourced a replacement for the electric window winder motors fitted to Zagato 1600 Sports.    These take the existing drive fitting and mount in the same way.

Aurelia radio blanking panels

We have remade both the early square and later rectangular types of radio blanking panels for Aurelia.      We have also had the ‘wings’ badge remade. Rectangular version illustrated.  They are supplied in primer and will require painting.   These are usually painted dashboard colour, which is normally body colour. The badge is sold ... Read More

Appia Air Filter

We have the small cylindrical air filter used on Appias.

Beta Air Filters

We have both the oval (illustrated) air filter used on most carburettor cars, or the rectangular type used on the Volumex supercharged variant and also the fuel injected models.

Montecarlo Air Filter

For the standard air filter & carburettor set up. Closed at one end. Note: Many cars have been modified and use alternative carbs and air cleaner assembly.

Fulvia air filters

We have the air filter used on most* Fulvias. * Some cars sold to dusty countries had an oil bath air cleaner and some saloons used a conical filter similar to that used on the Flavia.

Flavia air filters

There are three types of air filter used on the Flavia and 2000 range. Cars with a single carburettor or fuel injection used a conical air filter (illustrated).   There are two sizes depending on the model. Cars with two carburettors, such as the 815 series Sport had individual air cleaners with small oval air ... Read More

037 Evoluzione style rear mesh

We have a source of aluminium sheeting with pre-cut rounded slots that is very similar to that used by Lancia on the Evoluzione versions of the 037. We can supply this mesh, together with the same rear light units used on the Evo 037 which can be applied to a Montecarlo. The mesh will require ... Read More

Flavia 815 Vignale reproduction bumpers

We can now obtain reproduction bumpers made from stainless steel suitable for 815 series Vignale Convertibles. Both front and rear bumpers are available.