FLAVIA & 2000

The Flavia sat between the Fulvia and Flaminia in Lancia's model range during the 1960's and early part of the 1970's.

UK number plates

Since April 2016, cars built before 01-01-1976 can wear the traditional black and silver registration plate rather than the current white and yellow reflective plates providing that an application is made to the DVLA and the car is registered as …


Bonaldi Duplex brake servos


The dual-circuit Bonaldi duplex brake servo / booster is a complicated unit and many people struggle with these.     We offer a full strip down and rebuild service and also have testing equipment to thoroughly test the units before fitting them …


Fulvia Handbrake Shoes

We have now made brand new handbrake shoes for Fulvia Series 2 / 3 and Lancia 2000’s with the Girling brake system as supplies of older units that were suitable for reconditioning were becoming harder to find.

These have been …


Lancia Gift Vouchers


If you are stuck for ideas whilst trying to find a gift for the Lancisti in your life. or as a leaving present for someone, then Omicron is pleased to offer gift vouchers.

We can provide them in any denomination …


Flavia air filters


There are three types of air filter used on the Flavia and 2000 range.

Cars with a single carburettor or fuel injection used a conical air filter (illustrated).   There are two sizes depending on the model.

Cars with two carburettors, …


Flavia 815 Vignale reproduction bumpers

We can now obtain reproduction bumpers made from stainless steel suitable for 815 series Vignale Convertibles.

Both front and rear bumpers are available.



Flavia 815 Pininfarina Coupe bumpers

We can now obtain reproduction bumpers made from stainless steel suitable for 815 series Pininfarina Coupes.

Both front and rear bumpers are available.



Fulvia / 2000 rear brake back plates

fulvia_brakebackplateOmicron has remade the rear brake back plate for Fulvia Series 2 and later, as well as the later Flavia / 2000 models fitted with Girling brake calipers.



Fulvia front wheel bearing retainer ring nut

We have remade the wheel bearing retaining ring nuts that are used on Fulvia, Flavia and 2000.

These are usually damaged when people try to undo them without the correct 6 toothed socket (which can be rented or bought from


2000HF badge

The 2000HF had a unique yellow and blue badge fitted to the front grille and to the rear of the car.

Reproduction versions are available.…


Girling brake hoses

We have brake hoses for the Girling disc brake system used on Series 2 and later Fulvias and 2000s.    These cars had five hoses, 1 at the rear between the body of the car and the rear axle, and four …


Dunlop brake hoses

We have brake hoses for cars which use the early Dunlop disc brake system of separate wheel cylinders.   These are available in rubber, but we also offer stainless steel braided versions for competition use.

We have these for Fulvia Series …


Wheel Nuts

We have remade wheel nuts for various models of Lancia which employ a wheel stud and nut fixing rather than the later wheel bolt system.

The nuts are available in both open and closed end forms, depending on whether the …


Fulvia & Flavia front spring mount

Between the front leaf spring and the top wishbone is a rubber block with metal mounting plates at each end.   These are often in poor condition and we stock these reproduction version.      Fitting it not totally straightforward requiring use of …


Fulvia radiator bottom mounting bracket

We often have Fulvia radiators reconditioned.  This is usually a fairly simple process, but sometimes the lower mounting bracket is too heavily rusted to repair neatly.

To solve this problem we have made reproduction radiator mounting brackets, which can be …