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lots of secondhand Aprilia parts - not listed. Please ask

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Appia front indicator lenses, early S2 type
Appia brake seals, master cylinder and slave cylinder, S1, 2 & 3

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B20 Coupe S3-S6 red oval rear light lenses

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1400cc connecting rod bearings
1 pair KONI front strut inserts, secondhand but servicable
Berlina 2nd series front screen
HPE interior, fairly good condition
Brake seals

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Dedra flywheel ring gear
Dedra oil pressure sender, Lancia p/n 7590193
Dedra map reading light switch, Lancia p/n 176560870

7651775 1 Clutch disc
5989798 1 exhaust hanger
7694596 1 master cylinder cap with float
82434499 Fuel filter Dedra
13429308 CV boot collar, small end

Dedra 2000 Turbo / Integrale rear silencer, genuine Lancia part. Earlier type

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Delta 1300 spark plugs
Delta / Prisma 1600 alternator belt
Delta fuse box, new, complete - Lancia p/n 82354960
Delta 1.3, 1.5, 1.6 rear LH door handle
Delta Integrale flywheel ring gear
Delta timing belts - 1.6, 1.5, 1.3, 1.1
Delta door rear quarterlight window seal
Delta 1.6ie top radiator hose
Delta 1.3/1.5 bottom radiator hose
Delta front seat belts
Delta heater control panel facia
Delta 8v/16v inner headlamps (5964802)
Delta 8v/16v inner headlamp for FRENCH Market cars (5968101)
Delta wing mirrors, black
Delta 1.6 brake servo seal kit
Delta integrale grille mesh
Delta 1.6 clutch cable
Delta 1.3/1.5 handbrake cable
Delta handbrake adjusting rod
Delta tailgate gas strut
Delta 1.3 / 1.5 rear silencer 82357389 / 82358681

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Woodhead shock absorbers
Headlamps - assorted types
Pedal Rubbers - brake and clutch
US specification rear lamp lenses for Coupe
1600HF Lusso front seats, pair, retrimmed in brown
'HF' badges, stick-on type, painted

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815 Berlina front indicator lenses
Pedal Rubbers - brake and clutch, 20% of list price
815 Coupe exterior door handles

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Pedal Rubbers - brake and clutch, 20% of list price

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Flaminia speedometer cables
Flaminia indicator switches
Flaminia GTL front windscreen

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various shock absorbers
various other lamps
new pistons 102.4mm and 102.6mm
Brake pads

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front offisde headlamp, Carello
wing mirrors
rear lamp unit, RH
rear lamp unit, LH
electric window switch
gear lever gaiter, black leather
Prisma front seat belts
Prisma front grille, complete

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window lifting mechanisms, model unknown
aftermarket mat sets - 1 set only
Thema turbo 2000ie alternator belt
Thema boot lid (normal type)
Thema 8v ABS sensor - Bosch part number 0 265 001 072
Thema speedometer - 16v 0-160mph part number 9943526
Thema 16v check panel, RHD - Lancia p/n 176615280
Thema flywheel ring gear
Thema 1988-94 a-post roof trim mouldings, LH & RH
Thema 1988-94 top radiator hose
Thema electric window locking switch Lancia p/n 176606980

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indicator stalk assembly
Y10 Touring spark plugs
Y10 1000cc alternator belt
Y10 offside wing mirror, Lancia p/n 7603383
Y10 front upright, Lancia p/n 7585137
Y10 rear quarterlight window seal
Y10 oil pressure sender, Lancia p/n 7590193
Y10 radio cubby spring clips, Lancia p/n 5989654
96107417 air filter housing clip
7553258 water temperature sender
5957704 hatch to body seal
5941515 Door catch Y10 RH
7566480 Spare wheel retainer nut
180666980 Interior lamp
various exhausts

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Lancia bunting!
Lancia handbook plastic wallets

Keyrings: FIAT, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati

Pin badge sets: Abarth, Fiat Coupes, Fiat 500, Maserati, Bertone, Zagato, Pininfarina (two different sets)


Rear Reflector - application unknown, but 1960's period. Picture below, mounts with central threaded stud.
It has the following reference numbers STARS 1.75.03 and 4315C1. Any idea what its from?
unknown reflector



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