Spares for pre- Lancias

Lancia Flavia & 2000 (1963-1974)

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Many people have problems with the Flavias complex brake system .   Fortunately we have hydraulic seal kits for the Bonaldi servo, as well as special reproduction servo push rods, air filters, elbows etc.   

It has been said that Lancia themselves had problems with this system when the cars were current.   To test servos we have a special brake testing bench which enables us to test brake parts properly without having to fit them to a car.

We also have reconditioned servos available on an exchange basis.   We also can supply reproduction master cylinder bases, master cylinder seal kits and reservoir seal kits, as well as overhauled wheel cylinders or wheel cylinder seal kits.

Many people try to economise when repairing brakes, but the brakes are the most important system on the car.


Flavia 815 repair shop manual, Flavia Coupe / Convertible / Sport update manual, 2000 concise repair shop update manual & Flavia duplex brake manual

Flavia 815 tavola book, Flavia 819 tavola book, Flavia 820 tavola book, 2000 tavola book

2000 Coupe drivers handbook (professionally reproduced) but copies of other handbooks available.

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