Restoration Projects

We have a number of cars which we have accumulated over the years.    All are viable restoration projects, with many aspects of the restoration well within the remit of a competent amateur mechanic.

Flaminia Berlina – this car has spent most of its life in Portugal and the South of France until we collected the car in 2014.  It has been stored in dry conditions for a long time.    Body is pretty good.  Interior is very nice.   Mechanicals complete but will need overhaul.

Flavia Sport 1800 CYM 2C – this is the actual car used by Autocar for their road test no. 2017 in the 12 March 1965 issue for which the final sentence reads ‘However, the world has not yet run out of wealthy connoisseurs with an appreciative eye for the highly individualistic products for which the Lancia factory has long been renowned.”

Beta HPE VX (Volumex).  Practical and powerful.   3 door estate with 2 litre supercharged twin cam engine.   Low miles.  Solid body.   Partially dismantled for work but believed to be complete.

– Fulvia Berlina S2

– Gamma Coupe

– Monte Carlo (bodyshell only).   This is a Spider bodyshell.  It has been shotblasted and primed for protection.   Will need some attention to wheelarches & sills – the usual.   Ideal for a track car, making into an 037 replica or to aid rebuild of a crashed or otherwise rotten Montecarlo

– Aprilia.   This one is for the brave…

Toyota Sera 1500  The Toyota Sera was a 2 door coupe with gullwing doors that was based on common Toyota mechanicals.   The doors were copied by McLaren for the F1 and there subsequent road cars have all featured similar dihedral gullwing doors.

If you are interested in any of these vehicles, please get in touch for further details.    We would be pleased to assist with any restoration work required, and we can arrange delivery.