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Lancia Motor Club diary 2015-04

omi2The repairs to the crashed Fulvia Sport are completed and the car is ready to collect. A big, complicated job!

The Fulvia Zagato Competizione has been made more civilised, with a silencer, an increased ride height, a proper fuel tank as well as working headlamps, tail lamps and handbrake. However, a test drive revealed a head gasket fault and when removing cylnder head found the engine was significantly overbored with high compression pistons.

A Fulvia Montecarlo which is used for hillclimbing and sprinting is here to have some engine improvements fitted. We are fitting our competition exhaust, our rally cams and our Group 4 inlet manifold with Weber carbs. We’ve also made it corner better by fitting different dampers.

The Flaminia Touring GT is finished after repainting and metalwork repairs, and it has been joined in our workshop by a similar car and a Touring Convertible. So far we have 5 Flaminia Touring GT’s on site at the same time, with Elizabeth’s tucked away at home as well.

The Flaminia Convertible has arrived from Italy and appears to be a very presentable example. It needed some brake work to get through the MoT, but we are now able to register the car in the UK. The owner has visited to test drive his new purchase and seems very pleased with it.

A Flavia Berlina has arrived with carburation problems and rear suspension problems. One rear spring is longer than the other…

Martin and Andrew went to inspect three Abarths at the recent Bonhams auction at Goodwood, but the potential bidder chose not to pursue those.

omi1A local Ferrari 308GTS has arrived for a spring service and MoT and to attend to a minor paintwork defect.

The new F3 car has had its first test day at Silverstone, the driver was very pleased with it, and we have a few things to improve prior to its first race weekend on Easter Monday.

Lambing has started. So far 15 lambs have arrived, although two are a little weak and are receiving extra attention. The rest are bouncing around full of the joys of spring. More are due in a couple of weeks. No piglets yet…


We have now supplied and fitted quite a number of the electronic ignition distributors and we have been quite impressed with them.

These can be fitted to all versions of Aurelia and Flaminia, Fulvias and Flavias, and we can now supply one for 2000’s with Bosch Fuel Injection and now Montecarlos or Betas with cam gear driven distributors.


We now have a small, but good quality 3D printer and we have been experimenting by making various things. We are adept at 3D CAD so if you need something making, and have a sample, get in touch and we can see what can be done.


A new batch of 1300 and 1600 competition inlet manifold have arrived, these accept Weber DCOE or Dell’Orto DHLA carbs. These work well with our cams and competition exhaust system.


New: Fulvia / 2000 handbrake shoes
New: Fulvia crankshaft oil nozzles
New: Fulvia fuel pump blanking plates
New Montecarlo electronic ignition distributors
Also: as above for 2000HF, Fulvia, Flavia, Flamina and Aurelia
New: Cromodora wheel centres – Fulvia & 2000
New: Steel wheel centres – Fulvia etc
Also: Dunlop wheel cylinders, all sizes Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia
Also: Girling brake calipers, Fulvia S2/3, 2000
New: batch of reproduction Fulvia wheel bolts
Also: wheel nuts with open or domed head and correct curved seat
New: batch of Fulvia top and bottom ball joints
New: Fulvia reproduction fuel tanks.
New: Flaminia steering dampers
Also: Fulvia engine, gearbox and subframe mounting rubbers
New: Flavia engine gasket sets—also Flaminia, Aurelia, Beta etc
New: Fulvia Coupe S2/3 front indicator lenses, orange or white
Also Carb kits for Fulvia, Flavia/2000 and Beta models
Also: track rod ends and ball joints for many models.
Also: Fulvia pistons—standard and high compression options
New: Delta Integrale style HF stickers, small, medium & large
Also: World Rally Champions 1986-1992 decal (ideal for Deltas)
New: Beta brake hoses, front and rear
New: Steering wheel bosses, Fulvia, Flavia, Beta, Montecarlo