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Lancia Motor Club diary 2015-03

2The Fulvia Zagato accident repair is now at the painting stage following extensive metalwork repairs to the rear end. This has now gone into our paint booth for painting, and then after that the car will be refitted with lights and glass.

The Flaminia Touring GT that was in the paint shop has been painted and is now being re-assembled. The metalwork stage was time consuming as there were a lot of problems under the paintwork that needed to be put right.

A Flaminia Touring Convertible has arrived from Italy for some work, the car will be kept in this country. The car looks nice and the first stage is to get a UK MoT to assist with UK registration. We’ve already started on the list of work required.

A Fulvia 1600HF in rally trim has been collected by its owner. The jobs on this including raising the ride height slightly, fitting a high amperage alternator, improving gear change as well as a number of smaller jobs.

A Fulvia 1300 which is used for rallying is almost ready to collect as well. The main job was to improve 1st gear selection, but there was a problem with the Brantz trip meter as well, and a few other jobs.

Work has started on the 1600 Fulvia project—assembling suspension and subframe in advance of putting the body shell on its wheels for the first time.

1Work continues on the Flavia Coupe bodyshell. All the paint has been removed, we tried a new paint removal process that we hadn’t used before which has been quite impressive (not dipping). It did reveal more areas that need attention though. The subframe and larger suspension components have been stripped down back to bare metal and are being repainted or repaired where necessary.

Tristan and Andrew have just been to Germany to collect a new racing car for the 2015 F3 Cup season. This car will be driven by our new driver signing and is the latest spec permitted in our championship.

No piglets yet, but lambs hopefully in the next month. Elizabeth still has more adult lambs ready if anyone wants half a lamb for Sunday dinners?


We have recently purchased a new item of workshop equipment which will enable us to make a wider variety of reproduction panels in a quicker, easier and more repeatable way.

First project is to make proper replica Fulvia Coupe inner wheelarch sections, but once we are more familiar with this machine it should be able to make a wide range of items, ranging from trim strips to floor pans and much more.


For those that need a higher amperage charging system, we offer a number of upgrades including 65 and 80 amp options for Fulvias, as well as alternator conversions for cars that have dynamos as standard. These are designed to be a straightforward replacement of the original and should be easy to undo if required.


We have a new batch of inlet manifold castings for Fulvia 1300 and 1600 engines, as well as a good competition exhaust system that works well with our camshaft and piston options as well.


New: more steering wheel bosses, Fulvia, Flavia, Beta, Montecarlo
Also: Delta, Integrale, Stratos
Soon: Fulvia / 2000 handbrake shoes
New Montecarlo electronic ignition distributors
New: 2000HF electronic ignition distributors
Also: as above for Fulvia, Flavia, Flaminia and Aurelia
New: Cromodora wheel centres – Fulvia & 2000
New: Steel wheel centres – Fulvia etc
Also: Dunlop wheel cylinders, all sizes Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia
Also: Girling brake calipers, Fulvia S2/3, 2000
New: batch of reproduction Fulvia wheel bolts
Also: wheel nuts with open or domed head and correct curved seat
New: batch of Aurelia jacking point covers
New: batch of Fulvia top and bottom ball joints
New: Fulvia reproduction fuel tanks.
New: Flaminia steering dampers
Also: Fulvia engine, gearbox and subframe mounting rubbers
Also: Fulvia subframe rear legs (aka outriggers) ready to fit.
New: Flavia engine gasket sets—also Flaminia, Aurelia, Beta etc
New: Fulvia Coupe S2/3 front indicator lenses, orange or white
Also Carb kits for Fulvia, Flavia/2000 and Beta models
Also: track rod ends and ball joints for many models.
Also: Fulvia pistons—standard and high compression options
New: Delta Integrale style HF stickers, small, medium & large
Also: World Rally Champions 1986-1992 decal (ideal for Deltas)