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Lancia Motor Club diary 2015-02

apriliaWe have four competition prepared Fulvias on site at the moment for various jobs. The Fulvia Zagato which was crashed on an event last year is approaching completion of the metalwork repairs. The other Zagato, the Competizione replica is being converted from an out and out hill climb special to something that is road legal and road usable. The exhaust with no silencers is being removed and replaced with something more conventional, the ride height is being raised and the handbrake and lamps are being re-fitted.

A Coupe 1600HF rally car is here as well, a high output alternator has been fitted and the ride height is being raised as it was suffering from grounding problems. The other rally prepared Coupe is a Series 1 1300 which is here for a spring service and to eradicate a few gremlins with the Brantz trip meter

The long term Aurelia B20 restoration has finished and the owner collected it not long ago, and the other 3rd series that was here for various jobs has also been collected.

Two Flaminias have left—the Convertible that received a retrim, some paintwork and some mechanical improvements has been delivered to France, and the GTL has gone home too.

NP059863The bodyshop is continuing its repairs on a Flaminia Touring GT – which required cutting away the aluminium skin in places to attend to the tubular structure underneath which was corroded in areas.

Work has restarted on a Flavia 1800 Coupe bodyshell which needs corrective surgery to the lower half—sills / floor / wheelarches etc.,

We have also restarted work on a Fulvia 1600HF restoration which has been on-hold for a period. The bodyshell was completed and the engine finished, but now we are rebuilding suspension, steering and axles.

Until recently the two pigs, Bonnie and Clyde were separated on two little plots next to each other, separated by an electric fence. The separating fence has been removed and after initially being cautious (the electric fence bites!.) Now they are happy to be fed together and they have even moved in together, sometimes in Bonnie’s house, sometimes in the other.


We often travel to vet cars that people are considering buying. Recently we travelled to Italy to look at a Fulvia Fanalone 1600HF for a potential owner, and elsewhere in the UK to look at a similar car.

If you are considering buying a car and want a second pair of eyes looking at the car with experience and expertise and no issues of heart overruling head, then contact us for details.


We have quite a lot of pistons made for different cars and different configurations of each. These include standard pistons in standard diameter or for larger overbored engines, but also higher compression pistons for those seeking more performance—eg racing / rallying use.


We have recently invested in a 3D printer. It is useful to be able to verify a design with a prototype before committing to a larger order in expensive materials. It can also be used to make knobs and other things from plastic. If you have a sample, we can do the 3D design…


Soon: Fulvia / 2000 handbrake shoes
New Montecarlo electronic ignition distributors
New: 2000HF electronic ignition distributors
Also: as above for Fulvia, Flavia, Flaminia and Aurelia
New: Cromodora wheel centres – Fulvia S2 & 2000
New: Cromodora wheel centres – Fulvia S1
Also: Dunlop wheel cylinders, all sizes Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia
Also: Girling brake calipers, Fulvia S2/3, 2000
New: batch of reproduction Fulvia wheel bolts
Also: wheel nuts with open or domed head and correct curved seat
New: batch of Aurelia jacking point covers
New: batch of Fulvia top and bottom ball joints
New: Fulvia reproduction fuel tanks.
New: Flaminia steering dampers
Also: Fulvia engine, gearbox and subframe mounting rubbers
Also: Fulvia subframe rear legs (aka outriggers) ready to fit.
New: Flavia engine gasket sets—also Flaminia, Aurelia, Beta etc
New: Fulvia Coupe S2/3 front indicator lenses, orange or white
Also: Workshop manuals for most models
Also Carb kits for Fulvia, Flavia/2000 and Beta models
Also: track rod ends and ball joints for many models.
New: Delta Integrale style HF stickers, small, medium & large
Also: World Rally Champions 1986-1992 decal (ideal for Deltas)
New: Beta brake hoses, front and rear