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Lancia Motor Club diary 2015-01

AGMC9718_9_7The grey Aurelia is finished and ready for its owner to collect. Its been a long job, difficult in many aspects due to its history—raced, crashed, repaired and modified.

We have another 3rd series B20 here at the moment. This car will be used for a European trip next year and we have a few things to do whilst its here, one of which is to fit a steering wheel which was restored recently.

We have five Flaminias by Touring on site at the moment. The first is a red GT has had its engine rebuild and radiator repair and that is now ready to go.

The second is a grey GT, here being repainted—under the paint lurked quite a lot of filler disguising dents and splits in the aluminium. This all has to be put right before the car is painted.

The third is a Convertible—recently retrimmed with carpets, seat covers and a new hood, repainted and having a check over on the brakes and engine.

The fourth is a GTL—recently painted with a new headlining, dashboard top as well as a lot of repairs to the metalwork underneath the paint, and finally, the fifth is another GT, here for an estimate for restoration.

The Fiat Abarth is here for some suspension improvements.

AGMC4262_3_4-EditThe Fulvia from Austria is finished but is still here in storage until the owner can come and collect it. The car from Belgium has been collected and two more Fulvias have arrived—one here for an estimate for restoration, and the other is used for rallying and needs some improvements, repairs and upgrades.

Our bodyshop is now tackling the crashed Fulvia Zagato. Replacement boot floors have been fitted and these all fit nicely and a rear axle assembly fitted perfectly which confirmed that everything was in alignment. Now the task is to build up the external panelling.

Fingal the bull is back with us slightly earlier than expected. He was due to visit in January, but the farm where he was staying was suffering from flooding, so he came to us early.

The pigs, Bonnie and Clyde, have both grown considerably, and we hope to have piglets in April, as well as lambs at about the same time.