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Lancia Motor Club diary 2014-11

omicron2 Its not everyday you have two Aurelia B24 Spiders in the workshop at the same time, so I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo of the two together.

The red one has had the electric power steering and brake servo conversion fitted and we have to say that we are impressed. The electric assistance on its lowest sensitivity makes the steering more manageable at slow speeds, and the brake servo makes the brakes feel much more modern in feel.

The green car has had work to the brakes, gearbox mounts and propshaft. The gearbox had been installed incorrectly which meant the propshaft was no longer straight and there were some curious modifications to several components.

The Flaminia Touring GT engine has been taken out of the car to be stripped down. Everything has been cleaned and new liners have been fitted to the block as the piston and liners currently fitted are worn and already at an large oversize.

The Touring GTL has been painted and looks lovely in its Newmarket Grey, The paintwork has been flatted and polished and the next jobs to do is the refit of lamps, bumpers and glass.
Two Fulvias have arrived from Europe. A Fulvia S2 1600HF Coupe from Belgium which has carburartion problems, and the other car is from Austria and has a long list of small jobs to make what is already a nice example even nicer. This car has covered a big mileage but has obviously been looked after properly.

The bodyshop has just started rebuilding a Fulvia Sport which received a fairly heavy rear end accident whilst on an event. The car has a roll cage fitted which added strength, but there a fair amount of corrosion and poor repairs to the rear boot floor area which has to be put right as well.

A journalist wants to drive a Stratos shortly so we have arranged for one to be available, and that car is here at the moment having a checkover as its not been used this year.

omicron1Our motorsport season is over, we won the teams championship for the second time in three years, and also came second in the drivers championship.

Bonnie and Clyde, the two new pigs have settled in nicely. They are quite friendly. We hope to have piglets in April.


We have now supplied and fitted quite a number of the electronic ignition distributors and we have been quite impressed with them.

These can be fitted to all versions of Aurelia and Flaminia, Fulvias and Flavias, and we can now supply one for 2000’s with Bosch Fuel Injection and now Montecarlos or Betas with cam driven distributors.


If you have cars insured on agreed valuation policies, please make sure the current value is realistic. Over the past few years, the values of many cars have increased. Some by a lot, some by a smaller amount. However if


We are currently having a batch of Fulvia handbrake shoes made as people have not been sending back their old units. We need people to send back old units – brake calpers, brake shoes, starter motors, alternators / dynamos to ensure that the next person isn’t inconvenienced.


Soon: Fulvia / 2000 handbrake shoes
New Montecarlo electronic ignition distriutors
New: 2000HF electronic ignition distributors
Also: as above for Fulvia, Flavia, Flamina and Aurelia
New: Cromodora wheel centres – Fulvia & 2000
New: Steel wheel centres – Fulvia etc
Also: Dunlop wheel cylinders, all sizes Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia
Also: Girling brake calipers, Fulvia S2/3, 2000
New: batch of reproduction Fulvia wheel bolts
Also: wheel nuts with open or domed head and correct curved seat
New: batch of Aurelia jacking point covers
New: batch of Fulvia top and bottom ball joints
New: Fulvia reproduction fuel tanks.
New: Flaminia steering dampers
Also: Fulvia engine, gearbox and subframe mounting rubbers
Also: Fulvia subframe rear legs (aka outriggers) ready to fit.
New: Flavia engine gasket sets—also Flaminia, Aurelia, Beta etc
New: Fulvia Coupe S2/3 front indicator lenses, orange or white
Also: Workshop manuals for most models
Also Carb kits for Fulvia, Flavia/2000 and Beta models
Also: track rod ends and ball joints for many models.
Also: Fulvia pistons—standard and high compression options
New: Delta Integrale style HF stickers, small, medium & large
Also: World Rally Champions 1986-1992 decal (ideal for Deltas)
New: Beta brake hoses, front and rear
Soon: more steering wheel bosses, Fulvia, Flavia, Beta, Montecarlo