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2014-08 Lancia Motor Club diary

2000hfThe Aurelia B20 has come back from the trim shop with its new headlining, carpeting and matting in place. The seats are also back with us but they will be fitted later once all the under dashboard work is done.

An Aurelia B24 Spider is here to make it more usable for someone with movement problems. Not everyone will approve but power steering is being fitted, but in such a way that it can be removed easily at a later date. The standard dynamo is being exchanged for an alternator which is needed for the increased electrical load. Again this is a totally reversible modification, and hopefully means the car will be used and enjoyed rather than sit in storage.

flaminia_gtl_headlampThe Flaminia Touring Convertible is in the paintshop having a few paint defects attended to. It came back from having some uprated tubular exhaust manifolds made and fitted which is part of a small engine performance upgrade we are doing at the same time. It will shortly go off to the trim shop for a new hood. A fixed head Touring GT has also been here for some service work, and a Touring GTL is having a bare metal repaint and taking it back to bare metal found that the sills needed strengthening and some previously unknown accident damage.

A rare RHD Fulvia Series 1 1600HF ‘Fanalone’ is here for some work. It has a race tuned engine which is not terribly driveable on the roads, so we are changing the race cams for rally cams and also improving the jetting on the Weber 45’s it has fitted.

A Fulvia Montecarlo which is used for some sprinting is here to fix a leaking crankshaft seal before it goes off to compete in the Jersey Speed Trials.

We have two more Fulvias here at the moment, one is a Series 2 Coupe which has had a very long list of small jobs attended to, and the second is a Series 1 1.3S Coupe, which is being readied for a European trip.

We have a Flavia Pininfarina Coupe and an Aprilia bodyshell here as well.

Our two foals, Toffee and Treacle, have new homes at a Care Farm in North Norfolk where they will help adults with mental health problems get back on their feet.

Both the Alpacas and the sheep have been sheared by their respective shearers, so there is plenty of fleece available if anyone wants to make their own wool…