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2014-07 Lancia Motor Club diary

AGMC9714_5_6 During the last month the Aurelia has had its engine finished. This was then put on our test stand and was run several times satisfactorily before being taken off and fitted to the car. The car has now been taken to the trim shop for seats to be retrimmed, door and side panels to be trimmed and headlining to be fitted. The Aurelia B12 that was here last month has been collected and taken home to London.

A Flaminia Touring Convertible has arrived in for some work, this is a car we have looked after since 1983, and has now been re-united with the man who owned it in 1983. The car will be getting some higher performance exhaust manifolds and camshaft as well as getting a retrim to the seats and hood.

AGMC2703_4_5Another Flaminia Touring Convertible that has been with us for some months has been collected. This is for sale and we have passed the owners details to a few interested parties.

Work has commenced on the Flavia Pininfarina Coupe bodyshell and we are currently investigating sills on the drivers side and will work our way around the car from there.

A Flaminia Touring GTL is here, having just returned from a trip to Italy. There was a small accident over there which damaged the paintwork which is being put right.

We have three Fulvia Coupes here at the moment. One is a Series 1 1300S which is kept in the UK for an overseas owner and has been taken out of hibernation ready for a European jaunt.

The other two Fulvias are both later cars, one having a long list of small jobs carried out which we are working through—this ranging from fitting correct headlights, changing seat and steering wheels, fitting seat belts and removing an alarm. The other car is here for a small amount of paintwork and to fix some running issues.

The Escort RS2000 has been taken home following some welding to the floorpan of the car and also some engine servicing work.

Not much farm related news—the Alpaca shearers are due shortly. The dog is still frightened of the kittens, but they desperately want to make friends with him.


Our vibration analysis equipment has seen a lot of work recently , mostly on Aurelias and Flaminias. Propshaft imbalance is a phenomena that many Aurelias and Flaminias amongst others suffer from, but the fault is not necessarily always propshaft related.

If your car has unacceptable vibration, we are confident that we can make a significant improvement and put the car back to how it should be.


We have been pleased with the results of these brand new distributors which feature electronic ignition modules. We offer two versions—one with standard advance curves, and one with customisable curves.

We have these for Fulvia, Flavia, Flaminia and Aurelias. We are also able to offer a full fitting service if necessary.


We now have limited stocks of the steel wheel centre cap used on late Fulvias and 2000s.


  • New: Electronic ignition distributors for various models
  • New: uprated alternators and alternator conversions
  • New: batch of Cromodora wheel centres for Fulvia / 2000
  • New: batch of steel wheel centre caps for Fulvia / 2000
  • New: batch of Aurelia jacking point covers
  • New: batch of Fulvia 1600 inlet / exhaust valves
  • New: batch of Fulvia top and bottom ball joints
  • Also: Chrome plated Wheel bolts for Fulvia S2 and 2000’s
  • New: Stainless steel wheel nuts for earlier cars
  • New: Fulvia reproduction fuel tanks.
  • New: Flaminia steering dampers
  • Also: Fulvia engine, gearbox and subframe mounting rubbers
  • Also: Fulvia subframe rear legs (aka outriggers) ready to fit.
  • New: Flavia engine gasket sets—also Flaminia, Aurelia, Beta etc
  • New: Fulvia Coupe S2/3 front indicator lenses, orange or white
  • Also: Workshop manuals for most models
  • Also: Carb kits for Fulvia, Flavia/2000 and Beta models
  • Also: track rod ends and ball joints for many models.
  • Also: Fulvia pistons—standard and high compression options
  • Also: Aprilia spark plug connectors
  • New: Delta Integrale style HF stickers, small, medium & large
  • Also: World Rally Champions 1986-1992 decal (ideal for Deltas)
  • New: Beta brake hoses, front and rear
  • Also: Fulvia S2/3 brake hoses with correct end fittings