Roger Ludgate of Ludgate Design and Development, produced these bodykits in the late 1980's and early 1990's before a fire at his premises in Kent forced a change in business activities. Many believed the moulds to have been lost in the fire, but they escaped and have been acquired by ourselves.

All the parts shown below are available through Omicron Engineering, as either a complete set or individual components. All items are made to order from GRP.

LDD bodykit I

This is the LDD bodykit which was available in the late 1980's for the Montecarlo.

It includes a front spoiler with a deeper front air dam, a revised rear bumper, a pair of side skirts, a single piece noseband and a rear wing fitted to the engine cover.

The car pictured also has a quad headlamp conversion which we also offer alongside a range of standard body panels.

LDD bodykit II

This was known as the "rally style" front end conversion.

The skirts, rear spoiler and rear bumper are the same as the car above, but with an alternative front end.

The front bumper has a deeper front air dam, and also includes provisions for 7" auxiliary lamps. The front noseband incorporates provision for quad-headlamps, taking 7" outer headlamps and 5 3/4" inner units.

The bonnet has a duct fitted over the three air intakes to help force air into the heater.

all photographs on this page provided by David Beale

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