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Starting a plant

1.    take 1/2 oz fresh bakers yeast mixed with 1 pint of warm water in a covered jug.

2.    Every day feed the above mixture with 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon ground ginger and stir.

3.    After one week, leave to stand for 24 hours and strain off the clear liquor.

4.    Make a sugar solution of 1lb sugar to 4 pints water, add the liquor to this and bottle in strong plastic bottles and store. 

5.    Divide the original plant into two and add one pint water and feed daily as before.   The plant must be split each week or it will die.

6.    Leave the bottled ginger beer for one week (if you can) before consumption.


The above made strong, but very nice ginger beer.   Impatience lead us making the beer and drinking it well before the week was up (we waited 4 days for the plant to grow and 2 days before drinking!)

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