Solex carb rebuild kits

We hold service kits for the various Solex carburettors commonly fitted to Fulvias.

  • Solex C42 DDHF for 1600 engines
  • Solex C35 PHH for most 1300 engines, both the early and late designs.
  • Solex C32 PHH for most 1200 engines and some 1300s

The kits contain all gaskets and seals, accelerator pump diaphragm and needle valves.   Jets are not included and these are normally re-used.

We have also written a guide explaining how to set up your rebuilt carburettors which will hopefully ensure your Fulvia runs as sweetly as possible quickly.    After braking questions, carburettor advice is the secondmost common question we receive – hence the illustrated booklet.

If you are not confident about rebuilding a carburettor, we offer a rebuild service as well, and if there is excessive spindle wear can re-bush them to eliminate most of the wear.