Lambing 2015


This morning we were pleased to find two new-born lambs.  They had been born in the field from one ewe, and have now been brought indoors.

IMG_2840.JPGUpdate 1: 20/03/15 – another lamb born this morning. (total 3)

Update 2: 21/03/15 – and one more makes four.

Update 3: 23/03/15 – and now there are nine.

Update 4: 30/03/15 – there are now fifteen lambs.   There are 6 pregnant ewes expecting and which are due in two weeks time.

Update 5: 31/03/15 – triplets born last night.    These will require monitoring as a mother only has two teats.   Five ewes left…

Update 6: 09/04/15 – now 20 lambs, but one is one of twins which has been rejected by its mother and is being bottle fed.   He has been called Reggie (the reject) and is quite tame and follows people about.  He doesn’t think he’s a sheep.

There are still 4 ewes left to go.

Update 7: 28/04/15 – the final count is 27 lambs.   Reggie is still being fed from a bottle four times a day, but has put plenty of weight on.