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Goodbye Treacle and Toffee (update)

Treacle and Toffee, the two minature Shetland pony foals have gone to their new home.   They will be living at Edfords Care Farm near the north Norfolk coast.    Edfords Care Farm is a small farm where people with mental health issues can visit and work with the animals which they have found to be very therapeutic for those visiting.

Their farm is too small for full size horses, and the nature of the vulnerable people at the farm means that minature friendly ponies are far more suitable than larger animals.    Edfords have some Jacob sheep, some goats, some Gloucester Old Spot pigs and chickens.

There is talk of them ‘borrowing’ a Jacob ram as well, once their ewes are old enough to breed.

Update:   Toffee and Treacle have come back to us.   Edford’s were hoping to get more land which they could use to rotate animals giving space to leave land empty to recover.  This deal fell through, so Toffee and Treacle came back to us.   This is only a short term stay as someone else is having them – they will be going to a stables and will be companions for some older horses – but will still have each other for company.