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Fulvia / Flavia battery tray

Several cars in our workshops have required repairs to the battery tray due to corossion or acid spillage / leakage.    Sometimes its possible to repair the existing one, but sometimes we have had to replace the tray entirely.   This is what we have made to replace a heavily corroded battery tray.

Wheel Bolts

We have had wheel bolts re-manufactured for Fulvia Series 2 and later, and they are also suitable for later Flavias and 2000’s.   Early cars used studs and nuts. These are made for us and chrome plated to the same technical standards that Mercedes Benz and Toyota insist upon.   They have the correct wide ... Read More

Electronic Ignition

For quite a number of years we were unconvinced of the values of aftermarket electronic ignition systems.   They were fairly expensive, yet surprisingly unreliable, but the technology has matured over the past 20 years and it is now time to look again at the various options.   The newer systems are reliable, and the old ... Read More