Elizabeth’s Farm

Elizabeth has a smallholding on the land next to her house.       She keeps cows, alpacas, ponies, sheep, chickens, ducks and is thinking about getting some pigs...  


Julian, one of our workshop team, inherited a cat from a friend who moved house and couldn’t keep a cat in the new property.   This cat promptly became pregnant and had four kittens. Elizabeth took two of the kittens, only 8 weeks old, and are just going outside for the first time.   Everything ... Read More

Lambing 2014

Lambing began last week.     So far we have had 15 lambs born, but sadly one did not survive.     This year the lambing season will be longer than usual as the ram was not as enthusiastic as he should have been, and a second ram was borrowed at a later date.   ... Read More

More chickens…

Elizabeth has been looking for some more chickens to replace some that died of old age, and some that perished when Mr. Fox paid a visit. She wanted some black copper marans as she liked the lovely dark brown eggs they produced.    She found some locally, and bought four, one being a cockerel, but ... Read More


Elizabeth kept a Jersey cow for many years, which provided a lot of milk.   She wanted cows on her land but didn’t want a breed bred for milk production, so chose some of these Highland Cattle which are a slow maturing cow bred for meat rather than milk. Two steers arrived first, but then ... Read More


Sheep followed the Alpacas and Elizabeth chose an ancient breed, Jacob Sheep. Jacob are slow maturing sheep which produce both wool and succulent, tender and not too fatty meat.    Her first ram produced offspring for two years, before being swapped with another farmers ram to keep the bloodline fresh, but he isn’t as frisky ... Read More


The Alpacas were the first creatures that Elizabeth acquired to keep on the land next door.     Alpacas are South American camelids, smaller than a Llama and bred for their wool and to a lesser extent their meat, rather than being used to carry loads.   Alpaca wool is very fine and warm, and ... Read More

More Chickens

Elizabeth has six new chickens.       Three Light Sussex hens, two Orpingtons and one Orpington cockerel have been added to the flock which include some of these but also include some black copper maran hens and some bantams and a duck.

The Farm

Many people, especially visitors or regular readers of the Lancia Club magazine, will know that Elizabeth has a smallholding on some land next door to her house.      This land was bought a few years ago and reunites some of the land that was split off from the house prior to Martin and Elizabeth ... Read More


This morning we found another new foal had been born.     She is black, like her father, and we have decided to call her Treacle! She joins Toffee who was born about 3 weeks previously, who is a lighter brown colour. The adults are called Dancer (the mother in this photo), Honey, Hero and ... Read More